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JXHT successfully completed 2015 annual celebration meeting

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Busysheep year 2015 passed, the new monkey year 2016 with full expectations iscoming. On Feb19th, industrious and wise JXHT people had a joyousgathering to sum up the achievements and deficiencies of the past year, andlook into the direction and objectives of future.

After the senior companymanagement personnel and invited guests sit down,the meeting was officially started in the sound of a burst of firecrackers.Chairman Xue Hongyan and other senior management personnel summed up the workin 2015 and deployed the work of 2016 at the meeting.

In his 2015 company summary report, executive vice president HuangJiangwen pointed out, “the company has achieved good results in a bad largeenvironment resulting from joint efforts of allemployees. But we still have manydeficiencies, we cannot relax, must unite, make persistent efforts andcontinuous improvement. In the coming year, we will enhance the companyimage, establish the company brand, accelerate market expansion, improve teambuilding and internal management system.”

Chairman XueHongyan further stressed, “We have made obviousachievements by 2015.We must forge ahead inunity to reach new heights, and strive to achieve the goal of double sales andprofits within three years. The company's business objectives are asfollows for the next three years: 2016 sales revenue will be 180 million RMBand net profit will be 20 million RMB; 2017 sales revenue will be 240 million RMBand net profit will be 30 million RMB; 2018 sales revenue will be 300 million RMBand net profit will be 40 million RMB. Today, the enterprise is at an importantstage of vigorous development. For the new situation of 2016, we have putforward higher requirements for all staff. Staff inall departments should strive to improve their comprehensive quality andprofessional skills to adapt to the needs of the company to become a modernenterprise.”

We summed up the past in order to better look into thefuture. In 2015, our achievements were worthy of recognition, especially thosestaff who had made outstanding contributions, we needed to learn together fromthem. At the meeting, onbehalf of a total of 53 outstanding employees, representatives Wang Xiaoqing, Li Fenfen, Yang Yu and so on were awardedthe company's model, technical expert, advanced individual honorary titles and the corresponding prizes.The casting team in pre-shaped workshop, crushing team in mixing materialworkshop, pressing team II and gas stove team won the honorary title of advanced team and corresponding rewards. Production department won the advanced department award of the company in 2015.

After thepresentation, the relaxed performance began. Everydepartment had a wonderful program. Water drum lively started the artshow, loving songs Winding sand and Listen to the sea causedeveryone's endless thoughts, then, moderndance with hot passion and tiger bar performances put the scene atmosphere to aclimax. Hou Jiechao's goodbye,Zhao Erbao's many years later let allJXHT people once again enjoyed literary style, comic an encyclopedic mind amused all the staff……Finally, the show ended in a melodious sound of theviolin.

So far, the company's 2015 annual awards ceremonyended in the midst of laughter and in each other's sincere blessing.