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JXHT successfully completed 2016 May 4th Youth Forum

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To inheritthe spirit of “May 4th”, practice the core values, and help theyouth to realize their dreams, JXHT held May 4th Youth Forum in thefourth floor conference room. Chairman Xue Hongyan and executive vice presidentHuang Jiangwen kindly talked with youth representatives from variousdepartments of the company.
Inthe meeting, Mr. Xue Hongyan shared his struggle history with the representativesand explained the enterprise's core values in stories of personal experience combiningwith the needs of enterprise development. He called on all the youth to setlofty goals, do not afraid of hardship, do not afraid of loss, work one step bystep, let the youth shine in the struggle.
The delegates actively gave speech following chairman Xue,each one expressed his own views. From production to technology, from work tolife, executive vice president Huang Jiangwen answered all the questionscarefully, asked for opinions and discussed the solution together with them. Heencouraged everyone to find problem at work, ask questions and offer decision-makingsuggestions to the company, hoped everyone to give full play in their futurework and contribute to the development of the big family.