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Ceremony of JXHT No.2 plant construction project

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On June 20th, at 9:16am, accompanyingby bursts of busy firecrackers and excavating machine , JXHT No.2 plant constructionproject which has an annual output of 50,000 tons high-grade unshapedrefractory materials and 10,000 tons pre-shaped products officially started inthe interest of the leadership of Boai county government. The county deputy Mayor Shi Shaohui and leaders from relevantgovernment departments guided the work at the scene, JXHT executives anddepartment responsible persons gathered together to witness this importantmoment.

No. 2 plant project is located on the south side ofthe company covering an area of about 10 acres, and the expected invest will be200 million RMB. The high-grade refractory materials production line is a fullyautomated process adopting closed clean design and equipped with intelligentmachines. While the production line for pre-shaped pieces uses Germany EIRICH tilting mixing system and full automatic gastemperature control tunnel drying kiln, specializesin the production of high-grade refractory products. The project is planned fromthree directions of environmental protection and energy saving, highperformance ceramics, high-purity non-ferrous smelting. After the completion ofthe whole project, it will bring an annual output of 300 million RMB. In 2018,the company will achieve sales revenue of 300 million RMB, in 2020, the salesincome will be of 500 million RMB, ranked in top 20 domestic refractoryenterprises.