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Itmeans cooperation, win-win solution, internationalization and pioneeringspirit.

The Logoconsists of initials of our company name in Chinese pinyin JXHT. The appearanceof the letter is a flying phoenix which has a strong visual impact and artisticbeauty. It is contagious and full of sense of the times, symbolizing theunlimited enterprising spirit and reflecting the characteristics of ourproducts.

The JXHT purpose

Be honest, realistic and innovative,forge constantly ahead, strive for excellence.

The JXHT spirit

Be scientific innovative,hardworking and enterprising, work together to create brilliant future.

The JXHT philosophy

Wetake science and technology as the driving force and survive by quality. Weprovide better quality, more professional and perfect service to meet all theneeds of customers.

Theprinciples of employing:
All rivers run into sea, virtue comes first. We are tolerance and let everybodyfully display his talents. The person may not be the best, but must be the mostsuitable.

TheJXHT management idea:
Management and technological innovation is the root of development. Markets arethe survival sources. We adopt sincerity management
thinking from the customer's point of view and trying to meet all their needs

The JXHT development direction:

Givepriority to science and technology, be realistic and innovative, keep sustainabledevelopment, create first class enterprise.